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Every one of us faces many challenges daily. Whether in our work, our relationships, or our personal lives, there are always problems, always something keeping us from achieving our goals. Overcoming these is something we spend a large portion of our time doing. But without these, would life not feel empty? If every goal was easily achievable, there would be no concept of achievement.

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Never Giving Up
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I Wish You Enough
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Dance In The Rain
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Dr Seuss On Smiling
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Do What Makes You Happy
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Motivational Perseverance
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Just Breathe
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Overcoming Challenges
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Never Stop Dreaming
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Never Stop Building
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Ambition is a strong word. Few words carry as much meaning with them. While it produces nothing in itself, ambition is the driving force that enables us to excel. Without it, the most excellent poet will write nothing, the most talented musician shall form no band, and the most able businessman will be broke and penniless. Taken too far, it is the cause of war and exploitation, but it is also the engine that is needed to make all the other parts of the machine move.