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Love is a concept with a lot of power. Because of it people will marry or divorce, pull their lives together or let them crumble away. Sometimes it lasts and sometimes it disappears, but it always leaves its mark on the people involved.

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You Smile At Me
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Don't Let Your Soulm...
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Meeting Someone Special
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If You Miss Someone
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Smile With Tears In Your Eyes
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Never Leave Your Embrace
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My Heart Has Found A Home
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Guy Crush
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Still Loves Me
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Romantic Quote About...
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Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so they say, but it is difficult to bear all the same. Whatever the advantages it may have for the long term prospects of a relationship, being away from those we love can be miserable. When we cannot be with them, we think of them, dream of them, wish for them. From homesickness to love sickness, we have all known absence, and there is no greater feeling of relief than that associated with being finally reunited with those we have been far from.

Quotes about people who make you smile. Having someone in your life that makes you smile is a really great thing to have. Sometimes life can get really hard and everything feels like a burden, but when you have someone in your life that makes you smile, suddenly you forget about all your worries and life becomes fun again. It can be a girlfriend, boyfriend, family member, or maybe just a good friend.

A collection of cute romantic love quotes about finding your soul mate and falling in love that will inspire you!

Love quotes for your boyfriend or husband. Men may pretend to be emotionless, but everyone enjoys hearing that they are appreciated. Show him how much he means to you with a romantic quote.