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Quotes all about friendship. Broken friendship, real friends and fake friends, funny and sad, it's all here. Comment and rate your favorites!

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Funny Two Faced People
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When They Need Something
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Quality Over Quantity
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The Mask Comes Off
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Choose Your Friends Wisely!
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Talking Behind My Back
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If People Were More ...
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Bad Friends
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Expecting More From Others
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Watch You Fall
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Quotes about "Friends" who pretend to be your friend, but then when you are not around they say bad things about you. These type of friends are know as fake, backstabbing, or two faced friends. Enjoy are collection of quotes, sayings, and images about fake friends.

A true friend has got your back, wipes away your tears, and tells you everything is gonna be OK. A true friend knows when you need someone to talk to, even without asking.

Good friends will make you smile even when your in a bad mood and will cheer you up. Enjoy our collection of quotes about friendship that will make you laugh and remind you what's really important in life - Friendship!

True friendships last forever. It doesn't matter if they are separated by the Atlantic Ocean or haven't talked in 20 years, when they see each other again, it will be like they just talked yesterday.