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Sad Quote About Being Lonely
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Don't Stress
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Simple Person
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Eyes Of Innocence
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Don't Judge Me
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Too Happy
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Empty Bottle
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Even On Christmas
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I Feel Alone
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Sad Emo Quote
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Anxiety and Depression is an invisible obstacle. To the person affected it can present a wall a mile high between them and their goals. Anxiety can sap a person's will to try to succeed for fear of failure, preventing them from even taking a shot at the target. Most of us feel anxious only on occasion, before a big event that relies on our ability to perform, but for those constantly tormented by anxiety even small daily occurrences can become painful ordeals which need to be constantly overcome.

Being lonely really sucks, but everybody feels lonely sometimes. Take solace in the fact that there is someone out there for everyone, you just need to be open to it.